Net Zero energy systems

Our existing energy system is the engine room of our global economy, powering and heating all areas of society. A Net Zero or clean-energy system will need to do the same, but at a much larger scale to meet the rising demand for power as the wider economy implements their own Net Zero plans.

Whole-system thinking will be essential to effectively plot a pathway to a Net Zero energy system future and, importantly, the transition to a Net Zero energy system will be exactly that, a transition. Clean-energy solutions, new technologies and the fourth industrial revolution will need to converge to drive the integration of a new clean-energy system over time and in a phased manner.

Building capacity while transitioning to a clean-energy system, ensuring security of supply and that the energy system is resilient and adaptive to our changing climate, form the largest priorities the energy systems face. Importantly, the energy systems’ success in this transition will be critical to decarbonising the wider economy.

We are ready to support our clients in facing their energy system challenges, whether it be decarbonising key areas of the existing system, integrating clean-energy solutions within the existing system, or developing clean-energy solutions to enable the decarbonisation of the wider built environment.

Our whole-system thinking approach provides an end-to-end capability across the whole lifecycle of energy system assets, ensuring our clients’ aspirations and commitments to Net Zero are achieved.

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