Net Zero buildings & places

New Buildings can be designed to be Net Zero Carbon today, but 80% of the buildings that will exist in 2050 are already built.

Creating the Net Zero communities of the future relies on effective decarbonisation of existing assets, as well as bringing new buildings into the mix.

Project scale can vary enormously, from individual building developments, operating or maintaining campuses or estates, to looking at how to deliver sustainable cities. For large-scale projects, consideration of the wider system and infrastructure around and within which the new or existing development resides is the key to long-term success.

Whatever the project scale, organisations are having to add Net Zero considerations and strategies to an already burdensome load of competing commercial, economic, social and environmental priorities.

This has been more recently exacerbated by the devastating social and economic impact of Covid-19. As such, translating the need for systems thinking into pragmatic and deliverable programmes that deliver Net Zero outcomes can be deeply challenging, depending on the business models organisations are bound by. However, smart and robust approaches exist to de-risk and overcome such challenges.

Our whole-system approach specifically targets this issue, enabling our clients to develop intelligent and cost-effective solutions where singular solutions can deliver multiple value outcomes at once.

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