Net Zero industry & infrastructure

Heavy industry, manufacturing and large utilities, such as water, are integral to the smooth running of our societies by producing and/or supplying the resources, materials and products we need and managing and treating our wastes.

In particular manufacturing and heavy industry are the engine room of our global economy, driving growth, prosperity and improved living standards.

All these sectors share similar dynamics and challenges around consumer behaviours and preferences, the challenge of efficient operations, supply chain and operational logistics and value chain complexity. The production of resources and products has become ever more efficient, reducing costs, whilst increasing throughput and improving quality and reliability. However, the manufacture of materials such as cement and steel remains deeply challenging when it comes to addressing the embedded carbon created through the current industrial processes, but alternative and process solutions are emerging.

In the future (and the future starts now), not only will industry and infrastructure owners need flexibility to accommodate new value chains, emerging technology and automation, they must also meet rising customer expectations for products and production to be greener, with a reduced carbon footprint and with less impact on the surrounding environment.

Our whole-system thinking approach provides an end-to-end capability across the whole lifecycle of assets in industry and infrastructure, including working closely with colleagues and partners in the energy and transport sectors to ensure our clients’ aspirations and commitments to Net Zero are achieved.

This challenge has three principal drivers:

  • Government Net Zero legislation, tightening requirements across all sectors to deliver our 2050 goal
  • Increasing customer (and regulator) awareness and demand for sustainable and carbon-neutral products and resources
  • Industry leaders and their workforces’ own recognition of a shared responsibility to safeguard our planet


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