Climate Resilience & Adaptation

When it comes to climate change, we’re realistic. From fires and floods, to rising sea levels, climate change is already with us, impacting livelihoods, infrastructure and our environment. But we’re also optimistic about the impact we can make.

As we decarbonize our economies to reach Net Zero it’s critical that we simultaneously build resilience against those climate impacts we cannot avoid. Climate adaptation and resilience is built in to all our Engineering Net Zero solutions, from energy infrastructure, to sustainable, low-carbon cities.

We work closely with our clients to identify both the immediate and the future climate risks, and create solutions to adapt and build resilience for their assets, operations and businesses. But within our solutions we also seek out the opportunities that will benefit their business for the longer term.

Our key drivers include:

  • Mitigating against increasing disruption and losses from climate impacts.
  • Addressing growing requirements to assess, manage and disclose physical climate risks.
  • The strong value proposition in an integrated Net Zero and Climate Resilience offering.

Our services

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