DecarbonomicsTM – the opportunity

The building sector has a pivotal role to play in creating the Net Zero communities of the future.

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Decarbonomics™ A data driven end-to-end solution


Baseline and benchmark your estate – see where carbon emissions exist

We capture, structure, and manage your portfolio data to gain a deeper understanding of your properties, benchmark current performance and create a framework to maximise the value of your data.


Evaluate interventions, scenario modelling and development of optimised decarbonisation roadmaps

We then analyse carbon, cost and engineering solutions to create enterprise level digital twins and use scenario testing augmented by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create bespoke roadmaps, for the most cost-effective and pragmatic implementation.


Create cost and programme optimised delivery plans for effective implementation. Track performance

Our industry-leading management teams ensure quantifiable decarbonisation interventions are delivered throughout the life cycle of your assets, providing real time views of your performance against plan.


Our industry benchmarking database to fill material data gaps to get you moving quicker.

Retrofit solutions

Using a systems based approach to appraising and optioneering the optimal configuration and programming for a wide range of interventions, Decarbonomics™ provides industry leading insights and data on the following established and emergent building solutions.

  • Estate opitimization
  • Grid decarbonisation trends and impacts
  • Building Management Systems Solutions
  • Fabric improvements
  • Lighting strategies and solutions
  • HVAC strategies and solutions
  • Heating and cooling decarbonisation strategies and technologies
  • Renewables including PV strategies and solutions
  • Emergent technology solutions including hydrogen and storage
  • Offsetting

DecarbonomicsTM provides a data driven portfolio level approach to enable owner and occupiers of building portfolios of any scale (whether you own or lease them), to successfully decarbonise your entire building estate through the development and implementation of cost effective and programme optimised net zero pathways.


Cost effective decarbonisation
Enterprise level reporting
Healthier and resilient portfolios
Robust investment cases
Empowered decision making
Quality control of retrofit and operation

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See how Decarbonomics™ can work for you, generate your own roadmap

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