Hydrogen: a powerful Net Zero solution

The full potential of low carbon hydrogen is about to be unlocked. As future low-carbon energy systems are being designed and developed across the globe, low carbon hydrogen is moving from tantalising theory to tangible plants and production facilities.  Hydrogen could provide the energy security that so many countries rely on in the future as they seek to reduce reliance on imported gas. Can the most abundant element in the universe live up to its potential?

It’s sensible to be cautious at this tipping point. The challenge of creating and funding a new hydrogen infrastructure is significant. Yet it’s exciting to be participating in a truly historical moment in engineering – the acceleration of a new energy vector to power the global net zero transition. With costs of production falling, low carbon hydrogen technology is ripe for innovation and economies of scale. And every year, research is unlocking new possibilities.

This pace at which low carbon hydrogen is developing can be disorienting, hope blurring with hype.  From steel to storage, aviation to fertiliser production, the opportunities are real and they’re here, but nursing them from concept to delivery will take time, clarity, and collaboration.

Hydrogen won’t solve all our problems. Nor should it. But as a flexible, accessible, and storable form of energy, it’s a strong contender – and in an uncertain world that’s cause for optimism. To bring about the energy transition at the centre of our Net Zero vision, we need to think holistically and strategically about how to best apply our toolbox of technologies. Hydrogen, a bountiful resource on which life already depends, could be the vital element.

Global expertise across the hydrogen value chain

Our world-class clean hydrogen expertise, capabilities and technology has helped our clients on the road to successful decarbonisation on a global scale.

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